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The Woods Landscaping is a residential and commercial landscaping company in Minnesota offering landscape design and installation services covering a wide variety of landscape features and projects.

Landscape Designs

If you are debating whether to do your own landscaping or hire a professional, remember that a skilled landscaper is familiar with plants and will consider how they relate to their environment in each project. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional landscaper instead of choosing plants yourself.

1. They know how mature plants will look year-round. A landscaper will be familiar with the structure of a plant and how it will look throughout the year. You might not know until the plant grows and you’ve had a chance to see it during each season. Certain plants only bloom for a small part of the year, and some plants do not grow well at all in certain regions. How will it look in respect to the rest of your landscaping when it is and is not blooming? If you are looking for flowers that bloom almost year-round, a professional landscaper will know the best choices, such as shade gardenias, geraniums, begonia, bougainvillea, and impatiens. By hiring a professional, you won’t have to spend extensive time researching which plants might be right for your yard.

2. They will consider size and scale when planning your landscape layout. Before buying plants and other decorative items for your yard, a professional landscaper will spend the time envisioning how they will look when fully grown. That little shrub might look great next to your house right now, but how will it look when it gets bigger? Professionals know to consider each plant’s size, shape, and structure before rooting it in the ground, as well as before choosing containers. They will think about balance and scale when planning your landscape design. They’ll know that smaller plants look better close to the house and near the door, while larger ones should be planted farther away. They will also avoid a busy look by selecting a few larger, well-placed annuals over lots of smaller containers.

3. They are expert plant shoppers. When you visit a nursery, you will likely see all the plants in bloom and might be tempted, but making impulsive decisions can be a costly mistake. This is not a concern with professionals. They will shop with intention and choose the right plants for your yard by factoring in a few key points: the mature size, color, shape, and structure of the plant; the best plants for your local climate; and the way they will look during various times of the year. They will also know where to shop and might even get a discount at some nurseries.


In addition to helping a homeowner design an eye-pleasing yard and choose appropriate plants for the area, a landscaper can be invaluable in teaching a homeowner how to properly care for the plants and features of the landscape. A landscaper can also offer advice on controlling insects, discouraging deer and squirrels, or controlling burrowing pests such as gophers. This advice and knowledge can help protect the investment made in landscaping the yard as well as keeping the plants healthy and beautiful.